Newdle is Delicious

The simple beginnings of Newdle can be found in Austin Hall at Oregon State University where a group of inspired business students supported by a few key professors set out to change the food industry. The result is a fresh pasta that offers 33% more protein, 40% fewer calories, and 60% less carbohydrates compared to a similar serving size of wheat pasta.


The best part for the customer is they receive a quality product that tastes the same with the same texture and a better nutritional value. This reinvents noodles and Newdle is created for people to take their pasta and their dinner back.

At Newdle Co. we put a lot of emphasis on positive health factors in our food. Our priority, is making sure the fast paced world we live in does not forget food should never sacrifice taste or nutritional value to make it onto the dinner table. We take to heart the value of dinner at the end of the day and want to make it a fantastic experience every time Newdles are on the menu.

Taste and Texture:

Every single employee at Newdle has tasted and enjoyed our pasta. In side by side tests the flavor and texture of Newdle has matched and surpassed a comparison wheat pasta. You would not even know that you were having the most innovative pasta on the market today, that is until you went the store to get more. 🙂

Wonder what we put in Newdle to make it everyday awesome?

It is a short list:

Surimi (Pacific Hake and Alaskan Pollock):

Surimi is a sustainable fish supply and it is responsibly fished in the open ocean.

Potato Flour

Potato Starch

A bit of Salt


Now lets have dinner with Newdle.