The New Age of Food

Many of you have likely heard from a friend or seen things on social media about Newdle. The unanswered question is what is Newdle? Newdle is pasta that offers 33% More Protein, 40% Fewer Calories, and 60% Less Carbohydrates compared to a similar serving of wheat pasta. That means NO wheat, gluten, or nasty preservatives! At its core Newdle is a hard-working group of millennials  who will not take no for an answer. We were laughed at, told our ideas were too crazy, and to that we ask people to try our Newdle and see that it’s texture and taste is the same as a wheat pasta but with many more positive health factors. We are innovators and hard workers, with families we love and cherish just like you. It is for that reason that we would like to share Newdle the New way to look at Noodles with you, your family, and your friends.

Thank You and may this be one of many Newdle Dinners


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